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Jennifer Maas

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Reporter at the Santa Monica Daily Press. NYU Alumna '14. Loves mozzarella and audio books. Lives in the Whedonverse. Can only fall asleep to the sound of Netflix.

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Anonymous "TipsforJesus" Leaves Thousands of Dollars in Tips ...

Anonymous "TipsforJesus" Leaves Thousands of Dollar...

Open uri20131101 24317 vnsxww article

'Saved by the Bell' Immortalized in Musical

"Saved By the Bell" is the first to be immortalized in a full-fledged off-Broadway musical production: "Bayside! The Musical!"...

Open uri20131203 19176 1n0xu00 article

Mario Batali Invests in 200 Pairs of Orange Crocs Before Color ...

Mario Batali Invests in 200 Pairs of Orange Crocs B...

Open uri20131113 12102 1swsw9q article

5 Celebrities Who are Not on Twitter and Why

In an interview with "Esquire" released this month,...

Open uri20131204 12705 1b54476 article

Top-Rated Toys of This and Other Seasons Revealed - ABC News

Top-Rated Toys of This and Other Seasons Revealed -...

Open uri20131108 25385 j082rh article

5 Apps for Couples: 'Hug,' 'Kiss,' Keep Tabs on Your Boo

Have you found your lobster? Want to keep tabs on y...

Logo rage article


rage is an all night music video program broadcast on ABC TV on Friday and Saturday nights. rage first screened in April 1987. On Friday nights rage plays new release videos through until 6am. From 6-8am rage plays a package of hits and new releases. From 8-9am rage plays a...

Ht linsey lindberg most apples crushed with bicep guinness world record jc 140910 2x3 1600 article

Largest Champagne Tasting Ever

The Guinness World Records 2015 Edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the publication. It includes the most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute (eight), achieved by Linsey Lindberg of Texas....


2010 6abc IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade

David Maas & Dania Kaseeva met in 1995 on a circus tour, where Dania was .... Marin, Sean McCort, Vivian Nixon, Luis Salgado, Jennifer Maria Sanchez, John....


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