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Jennifer Maas

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Reporter at the Santa Monica Daily Press. NYU Alumna '14. Loves mozzarella and audio books. Lives in the Whedonverse. Can only fall asleep to the sound of Netflix.

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Open uri20131108 32194 170reu5 article
The Washington Post

Frenchie’s baker makes buttery dreams come true

If Erica Skolnik is being honest, sometimes she’d r...

Open uri20131108 32228 dd2s2x article
The Washington Post

Plenty of bark during the dog days of August

And even though the news media have dutifully cover...

Open uri20131108 32228 y8yg14 article
The Washington Post

Sharing a birthday with the royal baby

Kate didn’t have a baby Charlotte after all. But Pi...

The Washington Post

Can the summer camp experience translate to a Google Hangout?

For most kids, the biggest technical difficulty the...

Open uri20131108 6876 87ktjx article
The Washington Post

D.C. sightseeing, through alien eyes

Tired of the moons of Jupiter or the rings of Satur...

Open uri20131101 15696 19f75gw article
The Washington Post

Wedding registry essentials: dishes, wine glasses and all-season tires?

They don’t want china. They don’t need silver. They already have a pricey stand mixer. But they wouldn’t mind a...

Open uri20131101 15696 y0udqj article
The Washington Post

Snooki’s advice for Kate on new motherhood

A reality TV princess offers advice to the Duchess of Cambridge on life with a new baby....

Open uri20131108 32228 8ztvpd article
The Washington Post

At local hospitals, patients focused on their ‘own royal baby’

The Duchess of Cambridge may be the only new mom-to...

Stringio article
The Washington Post

Talia Castellano, YouTube makeup star, dies at 13

Young cancer patient met hero Ellen Degeneres and was made an honorary CoverGirl....

Stringio article
The Washington Post

How do student loans affect you?

Jul 10, 2013... come second to the job that will pay that bill. - Jennifer Maas. Using the form below,...

Open uri20140312 29744 1rzthnj article
The Washington Post

A modern twist on gift registries

Brides and grooms are stepping out of the box, building wish lists for trips, window treatments and even cars....